White Knight

White Knight

The WHITE KNIGHT first introduced himself to me in the form of a magical, yet tiny orchid growing on a treasured plant belonging to my darling Dad.   My Dad loved his garden and I am so grateful he chose to spend much time in it with me, explaining about plants, encouraging me to always look at flowers, and all of nature’s treasures, through the eyes of a child – no matter how old I am.  As he often said to me, “nature speaks to us, from her heart to ours.  If you listen with your heart, she will always show you the answers”.

I am so very blessed to be able to spend my days in this very same garden, where I first heard these wise words  almost half a century ago.  And to also have inherited most of the plants  (or at least their descendants) that my Dad loved so much.   One of these flowers is the purple Crucifix Orchid of the White Knight – still growing the same pot he first planted it in over 30 years ago.  They are hardy plants that pretty much survive on Thin Air and  a little bit of water.   Not only are they beautiful, they  are also very adaptable to their surroundings.

A few days before photographing my “white knight” image, this tiny flower was surrounded by many others.  My life at the time was presenting some challenges and to say I was feeling scared about the journey ahead was an understatement, as I was finding it very hard to see the forest for the trees,  and the fear of perhaps having to sell and move away from my childhood home, that  I cherish so dearly,  was ripping me apart inside.

That night the winds of change blew through my garden,  and sent many plants toppling, with the hail and heavy rain  breaking branches, stripping leaves from the trees and plants  and even smashing some of the terracotta pots.

As I was cleaning up the storm debris, I noticed Dad’s Crucifix Orchid standing defiantly, with one single flower left on the stem (where there were over 20 the day before).   Whilst I was happy to see a flower had remained, I didn’t think much of it at the time as  I was so sad looking around at the devastation and too pre-occupied by the dramas unfolding in my life.

However, a few days later, whilst I was having a cup of tea in my garden, I suddenly looked up at the pot with the Crucifix Orchid.  As I looked at the flower, the emotion of feeling safe and protected rippled through my soul.  So I went inside and grabbed my camera and began to take some photos of this solitary flower.   It wasn’t until I saw the entire image on the large computer screen that I saw the face of the Ancient Knight looking back at me.  The tears of course began to flow, however this was a cleansing of the emotions and fears and the more I looked at the face of the flower, the more I felt the balance and serenity return to my life.

Each morning I would visit my White Knight and have a cuppa with him, as I listened to the garden wake up for the day.   And as each day passed, I started to see solutions appear to the questions I was asking about – always sensing his mighty presence guarding my home, and my life.

My White Knight sat as a solitary sentinel in my life for almost three months right up until the eve of an eclipse, at which time he fell to the ground  – the exact same day my problem was resolved.

The colours of my White Knight are Magenta, Yellow and White.  He guards my heart, helps me to walk with joy and to shine my light and love  along the way, so I can help others along the way.  I am so very grateful to my White Knight for all he does for me.

Whilst my story about this card is a very personal one, I share it as a reminder to you  that each of us have our own Guardian watching over us.  They are only a thought away when we feel lost or in need of support.

Our Guardians and White Knights may take the form of a nature spirit (like mine did) or perhaps it’s a friend, a pet, an animal.  They may be someone you know, such as a work colleague or neighbour, or it may be someone you have never met.  Either way it goes without saying that we all have a White Knight somewhere in our life and our connection to them is an energetic one.

Sometimes you may go outside and just “feel” protected by the energy, simply by looking at the sky and connecting with the familiarity that surrounds you.  And other times you may have a person who just appears in your life at the time so you can talk – even if it’s a stranger at a bus stop or on the train.

This cards energy is about trust, integrity and feeling safe.  Just like an Ancient Knight, it may also represent  a quest – perhaps the quest for your life purpose.   Ancient Knights were renowned for long crusades and pilgrimages – either their quest for knowledge or to protect innocents from harm.  They stand between you and that which is causing grief, be it emotionally  or physically, lending you their courage, strength and wisdom to “keep going” until the issue is resolved in a positive way.

Ancient Knights are loyal to their Quest and as such drawing this card can also represent your loyalty to your friends, family or even your ability to become a “champion” for who do not have a voice.  It is also the card of environmentalism, activism and caring for others (i.e. social work).

If the White Knight has appeared to you, you are being asked to place complete trust in all that is unfolding around you.

Lastly, an important note for this image – look closely at this particular White Knight.  Notice he chooses Water has his “sword”.  This brings a further aspect to the meaning of this card, the ability to cut unhealthy emotional chords (both Karmic and Physical) with the cleansing element of water.  Water flows and it carries the  Seven Rays of the rainbow spectrum to keep your energy clear, free flowing and connected to the Universal Life Force that creates all life on this planet.

Never doubt the power of this card, nor it’s loyalty, quest for truth and it’s ability to clear the road forward on your life path.

It has never steered me off course and every time I see this flower in my garden (even in a different colour) I remember the nature spirits message of the White Knight, and walk my path with integrity, grace, sure-footedness and absolute trust about whatever is waiting for me in the shadows, mist or smokey haze ahead of me.  Empowerment, Protection and Integrity are with me all the way.

Stay safe and Journey Well and trust that your “White Knight” has got your back every step of the way.

Oceans of Gratitude, Love, Blessings and Rainbows to all,

Founder – The Mermaid’s Garden

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