Ancient Wisdom

Welcome to the Ancient Wisdom Oracle Cards.   Each Card in this Oracle Deck has been chosen to convey a message from the Nature Spirits to assist with your life journey.   The deck is completely self published here in Australia by Trish Anderson-Young, Founder of the Mermaid’s Garden and represents her journey with nature spirits, since  her father’s sudden passing in 2001 from leukemia.

Since that day 15 years ago, Trish has drawn her strength from spending as much time in nature as possible, especially in the garden, at the beach and the Snowy Mountains, all places where she spent many happy years with her father, as he encouraged her curiosity with plants, rocks, animals and photography from a very young age.

The Ancient Wisdom Oracle is about You finding Your place in the world.  How You “fit in” and how the Nature Spirits support You each step of the way.   Whilst each card has several key messages, Trish’s vision is for everyone to develop their own interpretations for each card, as the walking with the Nature Spirits is a personal journey and will be different for everyone.

To celebrate the re-launch of our website we we will introduce you to some of the Ancient Wisdom Oracle over the coming wees – including the stories and messages behind the images and a special daily message from the Nature Spirit for that Card.  There will also be the opportunity to purchase the Vibrational Mist and Bath Salt Infusion for the card at special pricing.   For those wishing to purchase the Ancient Wisdom Oracle, we will be offering them for sale in the Spring of 2016, so make sure you join our website.

Journey Ancient Wisdom